HTML scrape to XML to Excel

We have a well established Knack Order management application. As a caterer it is important that we can quickly pull together all the food items from across our orders to product a daily production report, so we know how many spring rolls or quiches we need to be producing.

We have extended our order system so this information is now on a single Knack page, but it isn't formatted in any way we can use. We had a bit of a brainwave. if we can interrogate the HTML for the Knack page, then we can produce the correct format, fields, sequences etc in XML, and then into Excel where we can pivot them and get what we want. Triggering this process would need to come from a JS button on screen somewhere.

Does anyone fancy a go at this challenge? Happy to pay commercial rates for a good solution. Detailed spec on request.

If we can get this working, then there is a second labelprinting facility we need.

Hi Heather, yes we've tried pivot report and can't achieve what we need. We chatted with Odalis about this a few months back, and we didn't come to a resolution. I came up with this idea for a method, but haven't had time to do anything about it until now.

Have you tried a pivot table report?