How to limit search of multiple choice field to specific options

I have a Files object with 12,000 records and 300 File Types. “File Type” is a multiple choice multi-select field in the Files object with 300 options.

Out of the 300 File Types, 15 are “Key File Types.” I want to create a search engine so users can search for records that are “Key Files.”

Is there a way to do this without creating an additional field and simply by limiting the options users can search for in the 200 File Types down to 15?

I originally tried to do this by setting up a separate field called “Key Files” and using conditional rules to “add” specific “Key File Types” when the File Type field was populated with any of those 15 options, but I run into problems when some files contain multiple key file types and Knack will sometimes add some Key File Type options but not others. I have double-checked and the conditional field logic is correct.

Hi @Jonathan1,

I’m probably not understanding the setup you described correctly, but from what I’ve gathered, you have a multiple choice field that has 15 options that are duplicates as “Key File Type” out of the 300 options like this:

Is that correct?

If so, you could create a search view on a page, and apply source filters to only show records that match each of the 15 “Key File Type” options:
2024-05-15_10-34-43 (1)

However, I feel that is not what you are looking for here and I’m absurdly wrong about your setup. :slight_smile: