Narrow down Multiple choice options based on another multiple choice selections

Hi there,

There seem to be a number of similar posts but not addressing my situation...

The key difference is, I want the list of multiple choice options to change depending on the user.  Let me elaborate.

I have two objects - Member (who has Teacher specific fields) and Graduation.  Teachers would submit Graduation Request using the Graduation object.  In both these objects, I have a field named Instruments.  Teachers will have multiple-selected instrument values (one may have violin and viola, whereas another may have piano and organ).  The Instruments field contains a long list.

I suppose you already are getting to where my pain point is.  In Graduation object when Teacher is ready to submit a request, the list of Instrument is a single-selection instrument value.  However given there are different types of instruments that Teachers cater for, I wish to narrow down the list to basically restrict to those that the Teacher has associated with.  This way, a Teacher certified for violin does not mistakenly requests for a graduation for piano.

However, to my knowledge, there is no way to 'map' the list of multiple choice options based on another object.  Is there any way I can restrict piano teachers to submit violin graduations?

Please advise. 🙏🏻


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