How to keep copies of emails sent with a knack record


Has anyone worked out a practical way of keeping a plain text copy of any email sent via knack please? For example if we are working on Mr Smiths client file when and email is sent within knack from record rules and copy of the email text is also pushed to a new note (note being an object) connected to Mr Smith’s file. Just need a simple way to keep the communication history all in one please.

Thank you


Hi Paul,

I recommend creating an Email Body field, and then sending that field in the body of the email, like this:

Now because it’s a field, you can update any record with that field—you write a Record Rule that updates this record or updates a connected record with the Email Body field.

Hope this helps,

Knack Pros

Wow that is a fantastic idea Ian, wish I had thought of that! Thank you so much!

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