How to access files stored on a network drive using a Link URL function

Hi All,

Is there a way to make the "Link URL" to work with the Windows local network/server shared folder ? E.g. a link to \\server\folder\path ?

I would like to use the shared folder as a storage space for files attached by users instead of Knack's file/image options.


X:\Warranty Database Photos\RMA Test\00NAN

Below works fine when opened in the browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome) but won't work from Knack App as Link URL:

\\fpsvr\corporate\Warranty Database Photos\RMA Test\00NAN

Is there any way around it to make it work ?

Tech support very slow..

Replay from Knack:
Links to local network drives can work in Knack's link field but there are a few considerations. First, you need to have access to that network drive. The link needs to be formatted correctly. There can also be local security considerations where a browser may need special rights or a plugin to handle those links differently.
Here are some examples of plugins that can be used to handle links to local network drives:


Please note that these are just examples that I found after a quick Google search. You will need to do your own research before choosing a plugin for your needs.
Seems like there is no easy way to implement this without the plugins and changing the web browser security rights etc..
I would like this to work on both IE/ME and Google Chrome without user to worry about plugins or changing the settings etc..
What about some JavaScript anyone any ideas?

Integromat is a great option. I use it to create a folder in g-drive when a form is created and the link for the folder is added to the knack link url.