Upload file via zapier

Has anyone sucessfully uploaded files to a knack object using zapier? I cant seem to get the right field to ome in and place the file - I can get a path and a link, but no actual file
(using one drive)
Andrew (UK)

Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately, transferring files will not work with Zapier or other 3rd party integration tools, at least not the most simple options available. You will only be able to pass a URL where a file is hosted and store in a link field type. The same is true for images. These services seem to prevent loading the images even when using the URL in an image field in Knack.

The exception might be Make.com in which you can connect a few more complex scenarios together to send a file with an API/HTTP request module.

thanks for the reply - it doesnt seem easy :slight_smile:

Zapier will allow you to upload files using the Webhooks tool. Adding a hydrated file to a POST request changes the content-type to multipart/form-data. Works as advertised. The issue, as far as I have been able to determine, is that Zapier addresses the uploaded file with the key “file” for such requests whereas the Knack API expects a key of “files”. I have verified this using Postman. I have put in a request with Zapier to let users rename the file key, but maybe Knack could get ahead of the curve and grant some leniency with the API?

Uploading a file to Knack from One Drive using Make is straight forward. You can download the One Drive URL with an HTTP module then upload to Knack and update a record.