How do I send an email through a connection to a user who has 2 email fields?

First time user on the forum - I hope this is clear enough.

I have a table with Department and an “on-call” Person (a connection to a “techinical” user group). The User Group has 2 email addresses (one is the email and one is actually an SMS field ie

Through submition of a customer Service Case (a data table connected to Department) - I want to send afterhours notifications to the “on-call” Person via text.

I have added an “On-Call Email” field in the Service Case Table. However, when I use a record rule to update this Service Case field to a connected record - my choice is Department>On-Call Technician. How do I ensure the email will be the SMS Email and not the regular email? I want to ensure this is a text notification.


Hi Trey,

Thank you for sharing your question! If you would like, our support team can take a look at your current setup from your Builder and advise how you can ensure that the correct email field is used for your record rule. Being able to visually see your connections is helpful in these situations to confirm your setup and to better help you.

You can reach out to our support team via this form here: Contact Knack Support & Learn More

Happy Knack building! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I think I have solved the problem for now.

I added additional fields to the Department Table. I first added a Text Formula to display the email address desired. Then I added an email field and set the Conditional Rules to fill this field with the data in the Text Formula field. Then I was able to select the email field las created in the Service Case email. If I continue to struggle I will reach out to you.

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