How do I default blank fields to be sorted to the bottom of the list rather than the top?

I currently have a table with two different types of customers: business and non-business. There are three fields we take in for our customers (first name, last name, business name) and then sort by “full name” which is all three fields combined. The issues is that if we sort by first, last, or business name, all the entries that are missing one or the other will populate to the top of the list first. Is there a way to change this to default them to the bottom? I’m not sure why it wouldn’t default that way to begin with tbh.

If I understand correctly, you could just put the defaut value of that field “zzzz” or something similar, so it is last when sorted alphabetically.

Alternatively, if you want it more discrete, you could also use a text formula like “If any of those field is empty, add “z” in front of the name.” (or whatever character would work alphabetically, number, symbol, etc.)