How do I create a calculation use two non-connected objects?

I have two objects that are not directly connected (no connection). Object Price, Travel Costs. I'm trying to create a search page that would allow the user to search for the object AND the location and add up the total cost by adding the Object's Price from one object and the Travel Costs from the other object. I didn't really want to create a 12,880 record object to include the travel expenses for each of the 140 unique Object Prices.


Object 1 Object 2

Name Price Location Travel Cost

a $50000 Adam $500

b $55000 Allen $100

User would choose Object 1 from a dropdown and also location from a drop down to get the total cost

I didn't want to create a table with every possible iteration because there are 100's of object and 92 locations. maintaining 13000+ records just to grab the travel costs seems crazy (the travel cost are not related to the item, just the location)... I'm really just wanting to have someone search for the object's item, then select the location.

Am I missing something, or is this not possible?

Once both items are selected why don't you use an equation field to calculate them? If you connect them you can access all the fields by using the dot separator i.e Object_1.Price + Object_2.Travel_Cost.