Hiding specific options in a connection field based on related data

Is there any way to ‘hide’ specific records, shown in a connection field, based on some related data?

I have a form that asks the user to select some related records in the connection field, but I only want them to have the option of selecting certain ‘types’ of options, based on a matching record value of another related connection.


  • Object 1 (A,B,C) : is a connection field referencing Object 2…
  • Object 2 (1,2,3,4,5,6) : is a related object that has 2 types of records…
    • Type (Even) : records… 2,4,6
    • Type (Odd) : records… 1,3,5

Requirement of:

  • Only display ‘Even’ Types, so that no ‘Odd’ types are available to be selected.
  • Cannot use the ‘Name’ of the connected record, but a secondary field of ‘Type’.

Standard functionality allows for field filtering off of the ‘Name’ and not a secondary field.