Filter by an associated record type

i would love the ability to design a table in a page where the records in that table are filtered based on data that exists in a connected table.

E.g. table one contains contacts.

A connected table 2 contains organizations.

Id like to display a table of contacts based on a filter that is applied to the type of organization they are a part of.

Mouhamad, yes, I know what you mean and agree that it would be ideal to have it work that way!

Thank you for the response. I have been doing exactly that. That being said, it is a bit of a clunky solution and hence the feature request. For example, If I wanted to filter by a connected item, I would have to use formula text fields for each field in the associated record. That is way too difficult to maintain.

Hello Mouhamad,

Have you tried the option of using a text formula field to achieve this?

Eg. Organisation table has a field called "Type". On your Contacts table create a new text formula field and connect it to the Organisation "Type" field.