How to set filter on a table using a connected record value

Evening all

I have a type table with a required status

I then have an assets table, which has a relationship to the type table

I want to set visibility on the assets table to hide or include based on the required status.

I thought this would be simple, I was wrong! I can view the actual value on the table page, but I cannot filter on it like i can with the other data.

I have searched and I found the bellow, but even this isnt working as the formular output for the value is empty (its a yes/no flag)

What am I doing wrong?


  1. In Table B, create a New "Text Formula" field. 
  2. Name the field whatever makes sense, you can even name it the same as the original. Let's call this one "Help Ticket Number 2" just to be clear.)
  3. Set the formula to (in this example) Help Ticket Number/Table A = Help Ticket Number 2/Table B.

The result is that all of the Help Ticket Numbers from Table A will be copied as TEXT to the new Help Ticket Numbers 2 in Table B (It takes a few minutes for the copying to finish.) 

Hi Sam,

I think what you want to do is this:

1. Filter a table view based on your Assets object.

2. Filter based on a field in your Types object.

3. You've created a Text Formula field in you Assets object "Help Tickets" that uses a field in your Types Object.

Is that correct?