Change a form field's filter based on another field's value

I have a form where users (nonprofit staff) are tracking their interactions with clients (local businesses and property owners), and I have some connection fields which I would like to be able to filter differently depending on other field values. Here are the details:

Field:  Type of contact:
(Multiple choice) 

  • Existing Business
  • Prospective Business
  • Property Owner (not a business)

Field:  Property:
(Connection: Property Records)

  • Displays if type of contact is "Property Owner"

Field:  Property Owner:
(Connection: Property Owner Contact Records)

  • Shows Contact records connected to selected Property Record

Field:  Business:
(Connection: Business records -- note: there is a field within the Business object for Current Status - Prospective/Existing/Closed)

  • Displays if type of contact is "Prospective Business" or "Existing Business"
  • Filter is set for: Business Status is NOT "Closed"

Field:  Business Owner:
(Connection: Business Owner Contact Records)

  • Shows contact records connected to selected Business Record


PROBLEM:  Would like to set additional filter/s on the Business field to filter for businesses marked as "Prospective" when the "Type of Contact" field is set to "Prospective Business" (and to exclude "Prospective" when the Type of Contact field is set to "Existing")

Hi Joanna. Did you find a solution to this?