Have a static field on a form?

Hi all,

I have an invoice table that has 5 main fields:
client, (connected record from parent table clients)
days (an equation that calculates number of days between date_from and date_to)
cost (an equation that calculates number of days x cost which is taken from a parent table of clients

Can I run a script that will take all clients that fulfil a certain criteria, and for each of those insert a new record based on the two fields on a static form that have date_from and date_to?

Thanks in advance

Hi Peter,
if you want it to be instant you’d need to use Make (or code) I think. But if you’re happy for it to run daily (and you have a Pro account level or higher) you could do it by using a task.
Hope that helps!
5HC Systems

Thanks Hugo, I will have a look at Make