Hard Problem: Presenting a Table of Recommendations -- only those made by any Members in a loggedin Member's Interest Group

	1. Hypothetical very simplified fields for each Object:
		i. Recommendations Object
			1) Rec Name
			2) Rec Category
			3) Rec SubCategory
			4) Member
		ii. Interest Group Object
			1) Interest Group Name
			2) Member (loggedin)
			3) Group Members (multiple)
	2. I want to show a Page of Recommendations that display only those by all Group Members of a specific Interest Group Name, as follows:
		i. Interest Group Name
		ii. Rec Name
		iii. Rec Category
		iv. Rec SubCategory
		v. Group Member (each Group Member has a separate line in the view)
		vi. Member (loggedin)
	3. I have tried & failed to find a solution by trial & error. CAN ANYONE HELP?

Hello David,

Look like the only solution for this is using custom javascript. Like we can add a view with the search result and when the page renders we select that category and subcategory and hit submit to show only those values.

Sunny Singla

Thanks. will consider