Global Settings Page

It would be great to have a global settings page where one could set default settings for various fields for the entire app. So for example, on that page I'd like to set the date format to dd/mm/yyyy and no default time. Then any new date field added would have the same settings. There are a number of fields for which doing this would be a huge time saver.

Hi Andrew, I mostly agree with you. In our experience most if not all of our Knack apps have required "workarounds" due to perceived limitations with the platform. I prefer to think of my previous post as creative, not insulting. "Forcing every user to take extra time to manually set up rules" is exactly how this low-code platform works with exception of using app templates instead of beginning from scratch (imo).

I agree with the original poster here, having a global defaults/setting page for an app would be incredibly useful. Things like default "center" for table columns, or date formats like the OP suggested. Forcing every user to take extra time to manually set up rules to do this is counter-intuitive to the easy-low-code approach that drew me to Knack.

And commenting that 'instead of having Knack build this for you' is rather insulting, and does affect the way I view the company and the customer service and tech support as I'm evaluating purchasing a subscription to the service. Knack seems to be a great tool so far, but I am running into a few limitations. It would be nice to know that Knack is still addressing and improving it's product instead of telling customers to work around it's limitations.

NOTE: This is a different take on the issue you presented. Instead of having knack build this for you, you build it for your users.

This can be accomplished manually and can be configured at the user level as well (if you're a global org, surely some teams will want it displayed differently than others):

Create a 'date format types' object

Create a field 'label' and enforce uniqueness on it

Add a record for each date format you want available

Create a 'settings' object

Connect the 'settings' object to each object you wish to use this display setting with

Add a connection to the 'date format types' object

Add the pages required to interact with these fields

Add ALL the date fields to your details view(s) and hide/show them based on the 'settings' record associated with the record being displayed

...hoping this is enough info to point you in the right direction... you can take this and apply settings globally by an app admin.. or allow each user to select how their own date display format (perhaps in account settings or similar).