Ability to edit Account Settings

I understand that Account Settings is a critical page, and I know I can create my own. However, the official Account Settings page is simple and foolproof, esp. for password changes. It's once less thing for me to build.

I would love to add some views to this page, in order to consolidate user functions. Or, maybe I'd like to make the official Account Settings page as a child of a broader Account Options channel.

It's also frustrating because if I want my users to have First Middle Last name structure, the Account Settings is only First Last. Unless I'm missing an option, which is entirely possible. I'm still new with Knack.

Thank you.

I agree. In the meantime, here's a workaround (that may be fragile depending on updates from the team):

$(document).on("knack-page-render.any", function(event, view, record) {

  if ( $( ".kn-account_settings" ).length ) {

    var e = $( ".kn-account_settings" ).first();




      .filter(function() {

         return this.nodeType == Node.TEXT_NODE;

         })[3].data = "";



Yep, this would be great. Setting up a whole new page so that my users can edit their phone numbers is really annoying.

I think it’s a basic feature required.
The login data can has fields than are not immediately required and a user must be able to fill them later on editing its profile.
We should then be able to edit that page and also change the language of the link.


 This would be very helpful!!!!  Looking for a work around in the mean time!  Anyone?

I second the request for a way to edit the Account Settings page.