Getting the 1st day of the year

I'd like to be able to calculate interest paid over the course of a year and in order to do so I need a start date of January 1 for the given year.  Has anyone figured this out?

Thanks.  Worked great!

Hi Laura,

Coincidentally I just needed to do that on my app a couple days ago. You just need a text formula with the following:

1/1/getDateYear({Name of the Date Field})

That field will be just text, and you probably need it to be an actual date, so you need a second field of the type date. On this second field you just need to set a conditional rule that makes it always equal to the first field. 

And I think this will give you what you need. Just get sure that the second field is UNDER the first field, because fields are calculated from top to bottom. 

Cheers to Sam for helping me with this when I needed it :)