Financial Year based on my date column?

Hello everyone, hope you had a fantastic new year!

How might I create a new column based on my date column, converting it into a financial year that commences in July ie. July 2023 → FY24, July 2024 → FY25, etc.

I hope I’ve understood the requirement correctly. There may be an easier way to do it with only using one field but I’ve had to use an equation and then a text forumula :man_shrugging:

After discussing this with my (far more intelligent) wife, she pointed out my error. Hopefully, my second attempt will get you closer.

Check out the excellent Knowledge Base article on Ternary Operators

How to Get the Fiscal Year From a Date in Excel

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Works like a charm! Thanks @CarlHolmes, :slight_smile: and to your far more intelligent wife <3

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Thanks for the feedback @RCB - it was a bit of a brain teaser :thinking:

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