Fiscal Year calcuation

I would love to be able to determine the fiscal year from a date entered into a date field, and store that as a field on the record.

A formula or function to create a calculated field and that would allow the user to enter the month in which the fiscal year begins would do the trick, such as:

if month < 7(or any number entered), the fiscal year is the year of the date, otherwise, the fiscal year is the year of the date +1

Hello, I figured it out:

  1. Month: getDateMonth({Complaint Reported On})
  2. Year: getDateYear({Complaint Reported On})
  3. Year+1: {Year}+1
  4. Fiscal Year: Conditional Rules (refer to screenshot below)

Similar to this request, would like to use Fiscal Calendar instead of using system calendar for date fields for reporting purposes. Especially for filtering purposes in pivot table reports and other reports.

Nowadays most companies have their own fiscal calendar and not the system calendar. I think this is highly desirable function for lot of companies. To be able set own fiscal calendar would be awesome..

Please let me know if you have any more questions.