Getting results searching multiple fields

I am doing a film database.

I have one object named films. And I have one object named directors.

Films has 4 fields for director (Director 1, Director 2, etc).

Each field (Director 1, Director 2, etc) is connected to the directors object (with only unique values populated).

How do I display one table of all the films which feature the director.

When added a new page selecting the director's object, I can make a search which show four separate searches for Director 1, Director 2, Director 3 field. But this is very ugly and I'm unsure is not the right way to do this.

For example say the movie FAKE MOVIE, was directed by (Director 1: George Lucas, Director 2: Bob Saget, Director 3: Stephen Speilberg, Director 4: Null). The search result for Stephen Speilberg looks like

Film title: No Data

Film title: No Data

Film title: FAKE MOVIE

Film title: No data

I can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.