Multiple Fields with Same Connection

This is probably really easy, but I'm stuck.  I have multiple fields that would use the same connect, but if I try to connect the same object multiple times, it does not allow me, which makes sense.  Here is what I am trying to do:

Fields to populate: 

- Sponsor

- Process Owner

- Functional Lead

- Technical Lead


All of these fields should be looking at the Employee object.  It works for the first one (Sponsor), but I cannot connect the remaining fields to Employee.  Any ideas on how to do that?




I also find that warning very confusing, it makes it look like it's not possible to add a duplicated connection. @charles, I use multiple connections with the same object on some of my apps and I never had an issue :) 

I saw that but I was afraid I would cause some confusion in the system.  Thanks for the feedback Christopher. I will move forward and add them :-)


I had this problem too. It actually DOES allow you, but it just is giving you a warning first. You actually can add another connection to the same object/.