Full Editing in Table View Plus Freezable Headers

I would like to see full editing capabilities in Table View. Current limitations mean that even with inline editing enabled, the fields will not have the same functionality as a form. Example, I can enable "allow users to add new option" in a form, but not in table view.

Also, I can set up a cascading type drop down with the right connections, but in table view, the cascading effect is not there. What I mean by that is, if a user selects an option from one field (in a form), the next field only displays a set of options that relate to the first choice. In the table view, the second field displays ALL of the options regardless of what was selected in the first field, basically rendering the cascading effect useless.

Essentially, I would like to see more table view funtionality. Freezable Headers will also be a nice addition so that when scrolling through a table view, the Header stays put.


We can freeze table header and menu as well using custom JavaScript code i have done this for many of my client.

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Sunny Singla

Freezable Headers should be a must