Friendly URL's

This would be a very useful feature for us. For example, we have team pages in our app. If we have a "Team Purple" we'd like to be able to navigate to instead of

Sara - anchors to a specific view on a page are not currently supported, although you may want to ask in the "How Do I...?" or "API & Customization" forums instead of this one to see if any other customers have found a solution.

And if you'd like to add a new post here in the Feature Request forum, others will more easily be able to see your suggestion and vote on it.


Craig - the page URL for each page in your app is now editable. In your page tree, click on the gear icon next to the page URL you'd like to edit and choose "Settings". Under the Page URL section, you can change that name to be whatever you'd like!

I am currently confused as to how to insert a URL into a Rich Text page. I also really need to be able to link to different areas of the page.

I need to be able to label a headling like this: <h2 id="CreateDoc">How to Create a Document </h2>

I think need to be able to link to it like this: In the section <a href="#CreateDoc">"How to Create a Document"</a>

It doesn't work. It takes to another page in my application.