Filter Connected Field

The attached image shows a connected field “Conversion(s)”. It’s displaying all the conversions. I only want to display the “Active” conversions. I don’t see a filter option. Is there a work-around?

In the conversions object, do you have a field to show whether the option is active or inactive?

If you use a multi-choice field you can set each conversion line items status then add a filter in the data source for the table you show in the image.

Sorry Carl,

I’m not following.

then add a filter in the data source for the table

Can you elaborate?

I may not be understanding you’re query. :man_shrugging:
Are you just trying to only allow choices m the connected field to be “active”.
Perhaps you can provide some more detail.

Hello Peter,

Can you check the below URL. If that works for you then I will send you screenshots of what I did there.

you can try to change the status of the conversation at end of that page.

Sunny Singla

Yes, Sunny, that works. Thanks

Let me know if that screenshot’s works for you.

Sunny Singla

Thanks Sunny. I’ve learned something. I haven’t used conditional rules in a field yet. Very clever!

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