Feature: Easier Access to Page Login Settings

Login settings just became easier to manage!

You can now manage your page’s login settings directly from the page while editing. Gone are the days of having to find your login view just to see who can access your page.


This means you can quickly check who can view the page you are working on and jump to the page permissions for quick edits. Not only is this great for ease of use and speed, but it allows you to be more confident in which users have access to that page.

We would love to get your feedback and hear what you link below!


@Jessie - Thanks for the update. I noticed the icon a few days ago. It’s a useful addition to quickly see who has access to a page without having to dive into the settings :+1:

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A great addition Jessy - very neat.

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Neat improvement. I’m working on setting up user access in our App right now. Good to know.


Excellent. I had done a workaround of always setting every individual user role with permissions, then later removing any that should not see a page.
This will simplify page building and app maintenance for me.

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