Extending database records

Hi, is there a way to use an external database that can hold many records? The platform is really awesome and saves tons of time developing an app. However, a bit pricey I guess when having a 20k record for a starter? Appreciate any advice :slight_smile: Thanks

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There isn’t an option to use an external data source. All records have to be stored within Knack on AWS.

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Thanks @CarlHolmes as always! :slight_smile: Cheers!

No problem, please mark as solved if thread closed :+1:

@CarlHolmes one more question, is the 20k record per month? :slight_smile:

Hi @RONALD - what’s your question about 20k records.

@CarlHolmes is the 20k records will refresh every month? or the app can only hold 20k records? (for starter plan)

Check out Knacks pricing plans:

The Starter plan costs $39 per month which includes up to 20,000 records and 2Gb of storage. Once you exceed 20,000 records Knack will automatically add additional capacity at $10 per month for an additional 5,000 records until you are better off moving to the Pro plan, this happens automatically.

The Pro plan takes you up to 50,000 records and 10Gb storage for $79 per month. You also get Tasks, Maps, E-commerce and IP blocking.

Once your app exceeds 50,000 records, Knack will automatically add additional records. An additional 15,000 records is $25 per month. When it’s more cost effective Knack will automatically change your plan to Corporate, and so on.

Plans are based on the total amount of records in your account across all apps.

Knack is one of the few web based workflow relational databases that doesn’t charge per user. This is ideal if you have client portals or a number of people accessing the application.

If however, your use case is to store hundreds of thousands or millions of records it would be expensive for a single user. You may be better off with another solution. No idea what, so I can’t advice you.

All the main no code web based tools have similar pricing plans based on records, storage and users.

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If you are using a tool like Zapier or Integromat, you could ‘offload’ some records to google sheets or another database provider, but this data would then be archived and not visible to Knack. But you could still pull the data in as needed, using those tools again.

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