Error code 503 when downloading files in records

I encounter 503 error when trying to download files from a record. It is trying to access AWS server where the file is hosted. Knack Status page doesn’t have any records of any events. Anyone else seeing this error?

Hi @Ruben!

Apologies that you’re experiencing this issue when downloading your files. Please don’t hesitate to report the issue you’re experiencing to our support team so that we can address this issue for you.

We haven’t received any reports of this issue today as of yet, so this is likely not an issue affecting others. However, if it is in fact affecting others, the quicker we receive a case of this issue, the faster we can correct it for everyone.

You can submit a support ticket with our team via this form here.

Thank you!

Update: We’ve just received a few other reports on this, so we’re actively investigating this issue now.

Thank you for the update Les. I have submitted a ticket earlier today around 4pm Eastern Time.

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I’m having this issue now @Les

We’ve found the cause of the issue and downloading files should be possible here soon. I’ll update this thread once we receive the update that the fix is completed. Thank you and @Ruben for your patience!

Same problem here.

Same issue here.

Hi everyone,

To follow status updates on this issue, you can visit our Status Page. We’ll be sure to update this page once it is resolved, and I will also update this thread.

Thank you for your patience again!

Update: The issue has been resolved!

Please let the support team know if anyone continues to receive errors :slight_smile: