Equation not updating live on form

I have two objects which are connected. My master object and then the connected object that is a list of rates.. I have a description, a rate field and a text formula, combining the description and rate field into a single drop down displaying the text formula field.

I get my drop down and I can select my rate.

I have a number field in my form. I want to show on the form the number * the selected rate. Since the connection isn't using the actual rate, but the text formula I wasn't sure what to do.

I have added an equation field to the master object with the number * the connected rate field. {number} * {rates.rate} However the equation field always shows 0 in the form.. In the record it has the correct value.. Why does it always show as 0 on the form? I've looked at all the examples I can find, and in theory it should work.. I'm not sure if it's because the rate field is in a connected object maybe?

I'm not sure I understand your problem exactly. These thoughts may be of help: Do you need to use a text formula to pull a number from a connected object? You can also access the connected object's field in a regular formula ad produce a number to be used in a calculation. That will work if the object has already been connected, if it has yet to be connected and this is to be done with the form in question then you'll have to switch it around. Create a field on the form's object with all of the same selections as the connected object and then set conditional rules to connect the other object depending on that field's value. if Field X = 1, then Y connection field is 1, etc. Use the current object's # field (X) in the calculation.

This will work unless it's a huge amt of options -in which case it would have to be coded.

Although I still can't figure out how to update a single div on a form using jquery. Somebody can do it.

It also could be an async error if you are using the form in an embed. -sometimes that will prevent calculations from updating.