Calculation on connection - dropdown field

Hi everyone, so I have a value on the dropdown that wanted to include in the equation but doesn’t show on the field list. What is the workaround for this? Thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s my equation field.

Type the field name into the equation field dialogue box (where you have {quantity}.
Start trying with an open curly bracket “{“ and you will be presented with an extended list of options from all related tables.

@CarlHolmes doesn’t show the calculation on the form but when I hit the submit button, the calculation displays on the table.

Here’s the form

Here’s the table

Here’s my equation on the form

It relates to you using the values from a connected field in your drop down field. I presume you have a related table (MinFee) which is populating the drop down. If this is the case then the equation total won’t update until the record is written. Is there a need to know the total when adding the record?

If you just used a numeric value field in the same table the total will calculate on the fly but this is not the case with a related table forming part of the calculation. I’d simply remove the total and just let the user add the data and show the result in your details view post record being added.

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@CarlHolmes Yes correct, there is a related table (MinFee) that is populating the dropdown. As you can see in the below snapshot, the dropdown value doesn’t calculate automatically on the form BUT when I hit the submit button, the calculation is showing on the table.

I refer you to my original reply :blush:
It won’t calculate on the form when using a value from a connected object.
I’d remove the equation total fields and show in a details view after they have added the record.

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Thanks, @CarlHolmes. Got your point :slight_smile: . I guess you can’t do it unless you’ll make a custom script out of it? Appreciate your suggestion.