Making connection with drop down values not visible

I have a connection to a table and a form where people can enter new records to fill that table. The problem is that when someone adds their details and then someone else fills in the form, it shows the person that entered it - this is right because the person has been entered into the table!

Is there any way I can stop the field (that is the connection) from displaying any values so the only choice the person has is to add details, which will be unique, via teh ADD A NEW OPTION button?


Hi @GSH ,

There is likely a CSS example that a developer can share that would accomplish this goal, but if you are not looking to use custom code, I found a way that may work for you.

Here’s my test app setup:

  • Created two test tables: Table 1 & Table 2
  • In Table 1, created a connection field to Table 2
  • Added a couple of test records to Table 2 so that there would be example options for the connection field input
  • Created a form view on a page that included the connection field
  • Checked the setting to allow users to create new records to choose for the “Add a new option” button to appear on the form
  • Applied a filter directly below that setting that is set to not show any options for the connection field if the above field value in the form is blank. Since the form I’m testing with is for adding new records, not editing existing records, this allows the connection field options to never show, but still allows the “Add a new option” button to be available for users:

2024-05-16_09-56-06 (1)
This may not work for your setup and there is likely a sophisticated way to accomplish this with CSS or possibly another workaround, but I thought I would share this in case it could help until another solution is shared.

Happy building! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for taking the time to show this, I will work it in.

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