How to select Rates by year in Connection

I have an object that has a field with the year in it... I have a connected Rate object. I would like the form to show ONLY the rates valid for the year my mast object has.. I have so far been unable to see how I would do that.. I can get the connected rate object to show nicely on my form.. But I can't see how to filter the records based on a field in my master one...

Is this possible? If not, any suggestions on how to deal with this issue?


Hmm, I may have to try that approach... The other way I found to do it was to add a Year object, and then link both objects to the year object. The the drop downs using linked objects worked...

I guess this is because the filter options available for the connected rate object do not allow comparisons to fields on the parent object.

The way around this is to use an equation field on the Rates object to calculate whether there is a match between the parent fields Year field and the Year field (or calculated Year from a date field) are equal. If this returns a '1' when there is a match then you can filter your rates object for this value.