Embedding Knack into Zendesk Agent Portal


Has anyone who uses zendesk had any luck integrating knack as a private in the Zendesk Agent portal.

Zendesk allows you develop apps which can be opened via the nav bar and open in the main space.

I've copied the "Nav Bar Sample" from the Zendesk Demo apps and simply edited the user.hdbs file which contains the following code:



and added the code snippet for embedding our knack app -which looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript">app_id="52fb2a1216dxxxxxxx767";distribution_key="dist_2";</script><script type="text/javascript" src="https://loader.knack.com/52fb2a1216d1xxxxxxxx767/dist_2/knack.js"></script><div id="knack-dist_2">Loading...</div>

It brings up my knack app in the main windown nicely, but unfortunately clicking on any item in the app results in using a relative URL reference applied to my zendesk subdomain rather than knack subdomain. Consequently any knack links in the app are broken.

Is there any trick to avoid this or enforce the use of an alternative Base URL in the window for relative references?