Anyone performed Zendesk integration

I would like to know if we can do integration between Zendesk and Knack app. I want to receive customer records in real time from Zendesk and update in knack database and send back record to Zendesk

There is a Zendesk module in Integromat and Zapier

There is a community of Integromat Partners if you want to hire someone to help:

I can recommend a college who is a trusted Integromat Expert Partner and also a Knack Expert.

If you are interested I can make enquiries to connect you.

Hello Carl,

Thanks once again. Let me do the first attempt by checking Integromat. I have checked it earlier but didnt went ahead because its not open source.

Project I am working on doesnt have huge budgets. this the reason looking for native or open source solution.

Kaustubh K. Konkar