'Email' Tab on the side please =)

As administrator, I would like a simple way to reference any custom emails created, so that I can quickly update them when needed.

We can easily reference ‘Tasks’ either by the object or in the side ‘Task’ tab, even if the tasks are connected to different record objects. It would be great if we could do the same for ‘Emails’. Trying to remember all of the various pages or actions that emails were setup, begins to get difficult with the more email actions created. A simple way to highlight or quick link to them would be very helpful for admins.


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Yes, this can be challenging as apps grow in complexity. Finding email notifications on various forms and action links can be time consuming. @Kara - this is an area for improvement to help all back end developers and admins. :+1:

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Yes, I would agree this feature would be very helpful.

While we’re at it, it would also be great to be able to copy an existing custom email! This would be a big time-saver.