Easier email management

We are using 35+ automatic emails for various roles during the workflow in one app. If a custom email needs updating, it's very cumbersome to figure out, find and click-click-click into the add or edit page that is sending the email.

It would really help to see a report (list) of all emails with columns for (1) subject, (2) truncated message, (3) the corresponding add/edit page and (4) link to edit each email. If room on the report also add (5) to email address and (6) from email address.

couple of additions; 

  1. App-wide email template, so that each time you create a new email it applies that template (which you can then edit) 
  2. App-wide email footer/signature that can be set globally for the app and appends to all outgoing emails generated from the app. 

Agreed + up-voted

Agree completely - we need an email management console!

Nice idea!