Add "The Logged In User" to custom email options in the "To" field

When creating a custom email, eg triggered by submitting a form, in the “To, CC, and BCC” fields there is currently no option to include the logged in user.

For example, we created an HR app that includes detailed job descriptions. As an HR manager, it would be useful to be able to email myself the job description so that I can then forward that to recruiters and/or potential candidates, without having to give them a login to our system.

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Good suggestion!
As a workaround, you could have a hidden user field called Submitted By that updates to the logged-in user (yourself) when the form is submitted, and then use that field as one of the recipients in the email.
Would that work for you?

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That works where you always want it to email the person who created the record, but that is not the case here.

My suggestion is to the logged-in user rather than who created the record.
In my example below, user John Smith may have created the record, but me logged in as Stephen Chapman will receive an email to myself when I submit the form.

  1. Add a Job descriptions object with Job title, Job description, Created by, and Last submitted by fields
  2. Create the Job Descriptions page behind a logged-in page, with a grid-view that has a link to a child page
  3. Create a form-view on the child page that updates the page’s Job description record. This doesn’t need any editable fields in it
  4. In the form’s record rules section, add an Update this record action to set Last submitted by to the logged-in Users
  5. In the form’s email rules section, add an email rule to send to Users (Last submitted by) > Email
  6. When a logged-in user clicks the Submit button on the form, the Last submitted by field will update with their user record, and then the email will send to that record’s email. This only works in a form submission, and not an action button from what I’ve tested, as the latter doesn’t update the Last submitted by field in time to send an email to the correct user.

Let me know how you go!