Email Notification based on multiple Criteria located in multiple Objects

I need to have an email sent after a form is submitted when one of the criteria matches the same criteria connected to a User.

Example -

A. Organization submits a form with Volunteer Opportunity where it is specified with Volunteer Interest Areas and there may be multiple Areas.
B. User with an Account, prior to the above form is submitted, completed a form specifying Volunteer Interest Areas. And they can select multiple Areas.
C. I need a weekly email to go to the Volunteers notifying them of the new opportunities that match their Interest Area. And I only want one email to go out not multiple if an opportunity matches multiple Areas.

Not sure that it matters but I have a page that does list based on the logged in user the volunteer opportunites that match their Interests Areas. But, there doesn’t seem to be an email process that sends emails with the same complicated criteria.

Hi Renee

This sounds like a solution for Integromat.

As you are looking for multiple criteria across connected and related records, you will need to “lookup” these variables and determine which match and then cycle / loop through the results and send emails.

To send bulk emails you will need either a G- Suite or Microsoft 365 account. It is possible to use free Gmail too but this will require OAuth setup:

There are a number of Integromat Partners on this forum, including myself.

The complexity of your requirement is likely to require some professional involvement as it is too complex to give specific written instructions on a post.

There are a number of tutorials on Integromats YouTube channel that may help your learning.

Hope this helps move you forward :blush:

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Hello Carl,

Thank you so much for your reply this does give me an idea of how I need to move forward. Your suggestion definitely sounds like a solution and although I have been a user of Knack for a few years now this is way over my head. Unfortunately, hiring someone to help with this is not an option. We are a non-profit on a shoestring budget, I am a volunteer and this app that we are using is designed to bring volunteers together with other non-profits in the community who need volunteers. We are just going to have to figure out a workaround or I will have to teach myself how to do it or write a grant and hope to get some resources. If there are any professionals out there willing to volunteer for a project like this please let me know. Here is our website if you want more information.

I’m glad this may have helped point you in the right direction and I appreciate you’ll need to have a reasonable understanding of Integromat to achieve your result.

It may be worth placing your request on the builder network as long as it’s clearly marked as voluntary.

There may be a Knack and Integromat Partner available / willing to invest a few hours to get into creating a scenario for you free of charge.

I appreciate that budgets are always a challenge in your sector but free work is never in short supply :blush:


Hi Renee

I have some blog posts about automating Knack with Integromat:


Thanks so much, I will take a look and I am sure they will be helpful.

Your Blog is very helpful thank you!!