Edit Form for Combined Tables (not working)

This is related to the need to be able to combine table and filter based on fields from both tables.

Currently, I created a report that is based on TABLE A. It is combined with TABLE B.

The design requirement are:

  • Report must be filtered based on a field in TABLE A.
  • Fields that are in TABLE B must be editable.

I created the report and added an "Edit" link (which, by default, creates a TABLE A edit form. Ok, how about if I add an TABLE B edit form? I had to verify, but I have been able to do this in the past. Currently, the program does not permit to do this. It only allows me to "Add a New" connected entry. This could potentially created multiple TABLE B entries for the same TABLE A record when, in fact, the connection is set up to be a 1:1 relationship. Not good.

Attached is a screenshot of an existing Edit area I created before the Sept. 2016 rollout. Also attached are what choices are now.