Dynamic "Tool Tips" for Fields in your App!

Hello fellow "Knacksters"!

We've had several of our Clients ask about traditional "Tool Tips" and I believe that we came up with a solution that is easy to maintain, but also gives you the flexibility that is inherit with Knack Development.

I've see that y'all have put out some pretty cool solutions to tooltips using javascript. But what we were looking for was an object-driven solution so it could easily be maintained through the App or even through the builder.

So first, we have an object called "Tooltips".


As you can see, the text, applicable field, view limitation, scene, text color, background color and even the rendering position are all dynamic!  The builder can even create an interface on the App to manage the tooltips throughout the App.

The results from above are below:



Example of the roll over with Text colors and background colors:


Another example with all different configurations:



Video Walkthrough

If you are interested in having us set this up for you, please feel free to reach out ... Typical installation is $500 (ish) based on complexity of requirements and is 100% javascript so NO HOSTING FEES!

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Based on feedback we have received, we created a nifty config tool on our site.

Please check out the set up video here: https://youtu.be/7GRLuYJJmlA



There is a Javascript element needed as well to make this work... Please reach out to us https://www.finemountainconsulting.com/contact/ 

We can help you set it up...




Hi Gui, are all the fields text type ? I am not having any luck ...