Field Tooltips

I would like to be able to add a description/instructions to a field and then with an option enable tooltips (With none, left, right, above, below and then on options to show on field focus, help icon click, field hover or icon hover).

We have had several of our clients reach out for a Tool Tips feature that is dynamic, scalable, easily manageable and elegant. We subsequently came up with what we believe is just that!

1. Create an object with the following fields:


The results are pretty great and dynamic for your users:


Roll over results:


Another with different settings:


If you'd like us to install this for you, please contact us here

I place my vote for optional built-in tool tips.

It would be in addition and separate from the instructions function.  Sometime even short instructions need additional explanation.  

I suggest that they be automatic like instructions.  A clickable question mark icon shows up if there is a tip. Hide is no text.

Small popup would be better than inline tips.



Here's a simple javascript for adding a tooltip to a specific icon. (In this case, the thumbs up icon)

$(document).on('knack-scene-render.any', function(event, scene) {

$( "i[class='fa fa-thumbs-o-up']").prop('title', 'They are keen');


This seems to works well in combination with the table column display rules. You can display an icon such as thumbs up or thumbs down based on the values in the data record. 


There's a great hack on these boards for putting together your own tooltips Courtesy of Steve Le Corrre.

I've used this. It's easy to deploy and worked well in the old themes. Haven't tried it in beta  yet. You may have to sub a few selectors.

Hover over Tooltip, is something that will be very helpful. Cant wait seeing that feature !

Very useful indeed

Yes, this would be huge for us, too.

Yes, been wanting this for ages but haven't mentioned. Currently I have to put a lot of text in the instructions on forms etc. and it looks ugly.