Does anyone successfully created a notification center for a knack app?

Does anyone successfully created a notification center for a knack app including icon alert to let user's know that a new message is delivered by the system?


Not absolutely clear on what you are trying to acomplish but I use Integromat to send messages to us in Teams when specific actions happen (invoice paid, customer loaded, item deleted). I have a specific channel setup in teams called Knack Alerts.

If you are talking about within the app, I use dashboard style tables to show recent messages or notes requiring response.

Hi Sean, just curious how you have done this. I am looking to create an alert for incoming SMS messages from customer, in a customer service area within my Knack app. I use integromat and Twilio to facilitate the incoming message being recorded in an object called ‘SMS Messages’ Ideally I want to show a realt-time alert on the child page within that customer’s account. I have tried to do this by adding a ‘Details’ view to the page, with custom CSS to auto-refresh that Details view every 3 seconds (I have a field on the customer record called Message Waiting that toggles between yes and no - essentially turning the alert on or off). Problem is, when a Details view is auto-refreshed on a page where there are other views, the formatting of the page goes all wonky with each auto-refresh. Right now I am troubleshooting how to solve the formatting issue on auto-refresh, AND a possible different approach to enable real-time alerts within the Knack app regardless of what page the user is on. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Perter I am sympathetic to your struggles. Real time information display has been one of the challenges that remain a roadblock to some expanded features for us. I work around this by using email notifications within Knack or Integromat to inform a channel in MS Teams. We already used Teams for calling, internal communications and many other business functions so the pivot to this style of alert made sense as opposed to chasing down the formatting and refresh issues we encountered in Knack as well.

The dashboard tables that we use are not required to immediately refresh based on the type of information they display so basic user navigation is enough to keep that information current.

Wish I had a better answer for you and interested to hear what you discover. Really interested to hear if you are able to acomplish something with the real-time universal page alert. Good luck!

Hi everyone,

I recently finished building Notifications in Knack.

Now I’m considering building a “Notification feature” that anyone can use in their Knack apps.

Please tell me what abilities you’d like the Notification feature to have.

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Hi Ian, I would love to explore this with you. Ideally we are looking to create real-time notifications for specific events that look and feel like the kind of notifications you get in social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. For Knack app specifically I would like to be able to display a badge of some sort (ie. a little red dot) in an area on the screen that is always visible to the user. I have a number of users that work in the app all day long in various different screens. On specific updates of the data record (eg. a ‘status’ field), it is necessary to alert the user so they know their attention is required. This is why it needs to be in an area that is always visible. Would love to continue to explore this further with you Ian.

Hi Peter,

I’ll send you a direct message. Thanks.