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I’ve customized Knack to be a scheduling and project management database for a team of 30+ contractors. They have their own log-ins. I’d like to integrate a 3rd-party chat feature so the team can chat with each other. Not necessarily looking for an email functionality, more like a chatroom, where a group of contractors can all interact with each other, ask questions, and so on. Anyone does this?

Hi Dan,

Yes, chat functionality has been implemented for this app here. It uses a third-party Chat API that allows users to chat individually or in groups.

There are many different approaches to integrate Chat into a Knack app, depending on your goals i.e. if users need Notifications when new messages are received, and so on. It can get pretty complex. I’m happy to talk you through it sometime.

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Hey Dan, check out @BRUNOCERQU60563 code here Code to Add Support Chat Widget (Alternative to Intercom) - API & Customization - Knack Community Forum

Ok… I don’t know much about code. My goal is to have a tab on top with something like “Group Chat,” and the users can click it, and then that page will show a chatroom. How could I set this up?

Sorry Dan - Ian & I posted at the same time!
Yes @BRUNOCERQU60563’s code relies on having a account (it’s excellent BTW) and it creates the classic popup one-to-one chat.

For a chatroom I’d suggest simply using Slack or something similar. Knack doesn’t natively support push notifications and updates such as new messages, and while you can code for periodic page updates, that’s more code. Others here might have different views that’d be good to hear!

We use Slack for exactly this purpose.

Thanks for getting back to me. I definitely want to avoid having another platform where my contractors need to log in. They already have logins for our Knack system, and I just want to embed a chatroom function into a new tab on Knack.Hoping they could simply post a message using their logged-in-username for Knack. Seems like this is going to be impossible…?

Hi Dan,

This is 100% possible, it just requires custom code. A chat widget can be copy pasted but to enhance it with more features—i.e. to post messages as the logged in Knack account—requires writing custom code or workflows.

It’s extremely common though.

Thanks, Ian. How can someone help me set it up? This would be a great addition to my Knack database for my team contractors.

You’re welcome :+1:

I’m happy to set it up for you, or your can post your project for other experts.

You can schedule a call with me here.

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