Add chat widget

I am trying to add a chat widget to my page but have tried adding it into the javascript and also tried adding it into a page with no success.

Why does this not work?

Hi @KimDion38026, I have recently had some experience embedding into Knack in a similar method.
Which chat widget are you using? The chat widget usually provides the slice of code, but it almost always needs to be tweaked a bit to be compatible in Knack.
Would you like to jump on a call, and I can hopefully help you configure the JavaScript? Feel free to message me.

Cool thanks for your quick response,

here is my code

It’s through tidio but honestly I have tried talk, textmagic, and about 2 other ones with no success. I’m sure it’s in the coding

Ahhh it keeps taking my code out of this chat

messaged you

I’m looking for a way that I can message customers through our app and then when they respond it shows in our app. I currently use text magic with zapier to send messages, but don’t know if there is a better way or better software that will connect the user and the customer together through knack?

Open to suggestions if you are familiar with chat widgets?

For those playing at home, I sent Kim this slice of code that embeds the Tidio chat widget into Knack:

var script = document.createElement('script');
script.src = '//{Your Tidio ID}.js';
script.async = true;


In response to your question, a chat widget is probably better used when you need the customer to reach out to you.
If you need to reach out to customers, you could create a table in Knack of ‘messages’, where your internal users can submit messages to a customer of their choosing via a form, which can then also email that customer user, they would also be able to see a list of their message in some sort of Inbox view. You can then create a form on their side where they respond to that message.
Does that make sense?

Thanks I guess I need a 2 way communication form. Right now, we reach out to customers but sometimes they respond back and I’d love that to be connected to our Knack instead of me having to login to the third party software to read a response.