Displaying clients/customers with two assigned providers/employees only

Hey Community,

I have clients who receive different levels of care. Most are, in my case assigned a Behavioral Assitant OR Therapist. In some cases, clients are assigned BOTH (a behavioral Assitant AND therapist.)

I am trying to create a view that’ll only display clients who are assigned more than one level of care (employee).

I’ve tried grouping the column in a table but, it’ll group it as Behavioral Assitant, Therapist, and Behavioral Assitant/Therapist. I can’t seem to get rid of the individuals.

I’ve also tried an equation to numerically display a number of the number of employees assigned. I can’t seem to get the equation right if one even exists.

Please Help.

Hi Joseph,

The problem you’re having is likely due to the way your schema is created.

I did a quick test and could do what you want very easily by adding the field Care Types as a Multiple Choice of layout Checkboxes. The two options being Behavioral Assistant and Therapist.

Then in the table, set the source with Care Types that show records that match All the following: contain both Behavioral Assistant and Therapist.

Would this work for you also?


Thank you!

I can’t say if it worked or not because I didn’t try it. But only because I figured it out another way.

In the filter settings, I was originally grouping the Behavioral Assitant and Therapist in one group and instead, I tried grouping them individually so that the filer would display only Behavioral assistants that matched Therapists.

Thank you for your help!

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