Display Last Modified Date and By

Under Form Rules/Record Rules:

“To a custom value”
“To a field value”

Is the last modified by field a connected field?

i.e. you have added a connection to your object that connects the object to accounts then that connection field is the one you should be updating.


Don’t see the last 2 items in the dropdown from your image.

Is this in Submit Rules, Page Rules, Record Rules?

My reply is based on Record Rules.

It is in the record rules.

When you look at the field in the data table what type is the field.


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Ed Cooper

Nope. Just a short text field for Last Updated By.
No connections with this field.

Ed Cooper

Short text

Ed Cooper

It needs to be a connection

Add a new field, type connection
Select your accounts object for the connection
It probably needs to be 1 to many accounts
Label it Last updated by
Then set the record rule for the new field


Ok thanks I’ll try that.
Never thought I needed the connection

Ed Cooper

This right?

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I’m lost.


Have you created User Roles in the Accounts?