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Currently I am working on a student contact information form and grid for export. Each time a student takes any of our courses, they fill out a student contact information assignment. If our students take 5 courses they will fill the form out five times, once for each course (a different record for each teacher). Is there a way to only see the newest records within a grid?


Bill Smith took ASL1 in August, filled out a form.
Bill Smith is now in ASL2 and will fill out the form again.

I collect the data for each course so the teacher of record can see that information. However, I also need an export (a different view) that only has the newest most up to date record for an export to go into one of our other systems that hates duplicates.

I appreciate the help. Have a fantastic day! :smile:

Hi, Dan!

For your Grid view, you can apply data source filters to accomplish only viewing the most recent records. You can find more information on how source filters work here in this article. From there, you can also sort by the Date/Time field and display records chronologically from newest to oldest. Additionally, you can limit the amount of records that are displayed.

To get a better idea of what I’m explaining, I created a quick test app to share a screenshot of these example settings:

I hope this helps! If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team to receive help in building out your Grid view. They will be most happy to help you!

Happy Knack building! :slight_smile:


Thanks @Les it helps and it doesn’t. I need to hide duplicates from student submissions keeping only the newest. If a student submits 1 in August and never submits another, I do not want them hidden, but if that student submits another in January, I only want to see the January submission.

Thank you for additional info!

I believe this to be possible, however, it will probably require someone taking a look at your current app setup to be able to provide recommendations of how your app can be configured to accomplish this goal.

I recommend contacting one of our reputable Knack experts from our Expert Network, as they can assist you in integrating this workflow into your Knack app.

Have a great week, Dan! :slight_smile:

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