Modified by

Is there a way to add columns for:
Modified date and Modified by.

Hi Ed,

I’m happy to try and help however I can- can you please provide more context on your goal? :thinking:

Are you hoping to add more field columns to a grid view, or trying to find a way to create fields in your data table?

We are using the Max width setting. It’s not wide enough to accommodate all the columns without scrolling horizontally. Users will not scroll!
If I set it to Full width, it’s too wide and the forms (edit and add) with just a few fields are strewn all over and not next to each other and looks horrible.

Some having a way to lengthen the Max width setting is what we require.
Ideally, it would be great to be able to adjust the grids and the forms separately.

I almost always use Full width for the tables and always use modal popup forms to add and edit records. This ensures that fields are more tightly grouped. The modal popup helps focus the user on the job in hand and also doesn’t navigate you to a separate page.
I appreciate that if your form has dozens of fields a popup can become quite a long form but you can set it up with two columns.
Make sure you set the form to redirect to parent on the submit rule so they don’t have to close the popup and then refresh the underlying view to see the updates.

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That sounds like it MIGHT work.
However, if a modal is limited to 2 columns that presents a challenge.
I’ll do some testing.
I’ve used modal with redirect to parent.

Thanks Carl.