Display Last Modified Date and By

Is there a way to display Last Modified Date and Last Modified by on a grid?

Good question! This article may come of use to you depending on your set up and needs.

Good luck and happy building!

The problem with this is when you ask a user to log in to a single page every time they need to add or edit to a record that is not feasible. Knack needs to step up to the plate and give us builders some of these things that are critical

Ed Cooper


This is quite easy to do.

Create fields for Last Modified Date and Last Modified by and then use submit rules to capture this information.


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I’ve got the Last Modified Date working fine.
However, the documentation says for Last Modified By it requires a login to the page where it will be displayed on the grid.
I can’t ask my users to log into a page every time they need to update a record. Makes no sense.
I wrote to Knack and told them this but they have no answer.
Just like when are some of the feature requests going to be pushed out.
Basic things builders have been asking for for a long time like and/or filters.
No roadmap that I can see.


Sorry, we use Record Rules not Submit Rules.

The users only need to login to your app once and Knack will capture the logged-in Account.


Contrary to the documentation but I’ll try.

Ed Cooper

I don’t see this option “to the logged in accounts”

Hi ed
If a user isn’t logged in how can Knack know who edits or adds.


Hi sorry another question

If you don’t have a login that means that anybody can change data in your database does that mean that anybody can see the data as well?

If you want to record who updates a record they must be logged in. I apologise if I’ve missed something but I don’t really understand how you expect Knack to figure it out.


The user is logged into the app.
The documentation indicated the user must be logged into the page.
I don’t get it.
Dean2 sent an image in prior email but when I go into Record Rules I don’t see what his image shows.

It would be valuable if someone from Knack or the community could jump on a Zoom session and help me with this.
The email threads on this are very confusing.

All my users are internal employees maintaining a CRM.
They log in with their creds to access the CRM app.
Isn’t that logging in?
None of the individual pages are password protected.
Anyone who logs in can access the CRM app.

and edit records

However, the documentation says for Last Modified By it requires a login to the page where it will be displayed on the grid.

Hi Ed,

Our support team would be able to take a look at your app’s setup and share info on how you can accomplish this workflow in your app. If you haven’t already and you would like this, you can reach out to them via this form here. Being able to view your app can help remove the confusion and prevents guessing/blindly providing advice that we’re not quite sure will work with your current setup.

You can also schedule office hours time with our onboarding team to discuss features available to accomplish your goals as well.

Sorry for the confusion this has caused you, and thank you @CSWinnall for the help here! :slight_smile:


The following are the requirements for implementing this workflow:

  • Your database includes a table that stores records that you want your users to be able to update. In this example, these records are referred to as leads.

  • Your app has user logins activated. The settings allow you to have logins for different user roles.

  • You have a page protected with a login for your users to log in and access.

  • Your page has a form that either adds or edits a record.

So, you would need a page protected with a login for this workflow to work. I am sorry if this causes any hassle.

Hi Ed

As soon as the user is logged in then you are good to go.

When you click in the drop-down where the arrow is pointing to what do you see?


You should see these options


The edit form only needs to be a descendent of a login page so as long as they have logged in at some point previous to the edit page and you are updating a connection to an account in the record rules you should see this option.

If you are still not seeing it then either contact Knack Support or I’ll be more than happy to set up a zoom tomorrow and take a look with you.