Inline editing and last modified date

I have a Contacts table.
In the Contacts edit for I have Last Modified By and Last Modified Date.
When I edit a record in that table and go back to the Contacts grid the Last Modify Date and Last Modified by work fine and those 2 fields show up as they should.

However, when on the grid and I edit a record ‘inline’ those 2 fields don’t update.


I suspect you’re using a Record Rule to capture this information using a standard Knack Edit form in the first instance and don’t believe it is possible to capture this information during Inline Editing.


OK thanks.

Hi Ed

In the column settings for the grid you can add record rules to each column that will update the last updated by and last updated date.


Or you can use the _lud and _lub keywords from the KTL - right?!

See it in action here: KTL - Last Updated By and Last Updated Date


I did exactly what you described, triple checked it and it doesn’t seem to work.
I must be missing something.
Set inline editing to yes for both fields.

Oh… maybe I overlooked an important detail…
Do you have the KTL installed?

See here: KTL Installation

Let us know how it goes,

No. I did not install it because I did not know I needed to. Will try that and thanks for your help.

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Good to read that. I thought you’d found a bug!

If there are some features you don’t want or don’t like, you turn off anything, or change the behavior to your liking.

See here how to disable some or all features: Customizing Features · cortexrd/Knack-Toolkit-Library Wiki (


Thanks Norman.
Works perfectly!

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